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The Unforgiving Sounds of ...


Available on CD or through iTunes.

Maow's album is on Mint because it's something special. What you get is Vancouver's meanest, toughest, and sexiest bad-girls stomping out a raunchy, angst-fueled mix of rockabilly, rock'n'roll, and even a warped, roots-y touch of country. This record proved to be Mint's sucker punch of 1996. And, check out Neko Case! She played drums and also sang on this album before she went off to make pop history with Her Boyfriends and The New Pornographers!

Track List: 
Mean Mean Mean
Ms. Lefevre
Rock 'n' Roll Boy
Very Missionary
Mommie's Drunk
Woman's Scorn
J'ai Faim
Man What's Got a Gun
How Does That Grab You?
Party Tonite!
Cat's Meow