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Summer Games

9.99 CAD

Available on CD or through iTunes.

Here's the second split EP from Mint and Lookout, this one sporting the two suavest rock'n'roll groups of thrift-store talent today. These two bands both spent years constantly listening to people compare them to each other before they finally met -- and immediately hit it off. So much that the Smugglers and the Hi-Fives toured together, partied together, recorded together, and even released a record together. Hope you love all four songs as much as they (and Mint) do!

Track List: 
The Smugglers - She Ain't No Egyptian
The Smugglers - Elite Manila
The Hi-Fives - Meet The Hi-Fives
The Hi-Fives - I Need Your Lovin' Like a Chicken Needs an Oven (When I'm a Little Bit Hungry)