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Selling the Sizzle


LP is now sold out! Available on CD or through iTunes.

Say it with us, cyber-rockers! "Don't Sell The Steak - Sell The Sizzle!!!" Yessir, that's the Smugglers motto of performance, whether it be on the stage or in the studio, you better count on the three "E's" of rock'n'roll from the Schmugs: ELECTRICITY, ENERGY, and EXCITEMENT!!! Selling The Sizzle sizzles on all 15 tracks including the 'hit' video/song "Especially You", the cops'n'robbers blast of "To Serve, Protect And Entertain", and the radio stomper "The Dedication." Top it with the thick and oozing charm of the best-dressed band to ever grace a stage in rubber boots and it's a hell of a party album!

Track List: 
To Serve, Protect and Entertain
Especially You
Big Trouble
She Ain't No Egyptian
Death of a Romantic
The Dedication
I Need a Vacation
The B'n'I
Pick 'em Up Truck
Bad Guys
Dusty's Lament
Reno Nickel