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A Little Tradition


Available on gatefold CD, LP, or digitally through iTunes.

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Originally released on September 9th, 2008, Novillero's third full length album (their second for Mint Records) A Little Tradition was recorded by Cam Loeppky and Shawn Dealey at Prairie Recording Co. Studios and sees Novillero expanding the borders of their dominion. Resting on a strong mod-pop backbone, the album continues their forays into lush pop music and prominently features the powerful, yet winsome, vocals of Nathan's Keri Latimer on a number of songs. Like a musical Swiss army knife, A Little Tradition includes tools for dancing, drinking, cogitating, and just plain hanging out—perfect for both a Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon.

In Novillero’s capable five pairs of hands, meticulously constructed, flawless rock sounds effortless. - Vue Magazine

Life In Parentheses starts the record off with a bang - horns, uptempo guitars, catchy drums and lots of keyboards. The quick start hooks you and the band keeps the energy up for the 12 songs that follow. - HeroHill

The unmistakable songcraft of singer/keyboardist Rod Slaughter, once of minimalist neo-mod outfit Duotang, shines brightly on numbers like punchy “Lost Possibilities,” his masterful balancing of major and minor keys adding such emphasis to fierce yet literate lyrics - Disc of the week, Montreal Mirror


Track List: 
Life In Parentheses
A Little Tradition
Stand Up for Our Side
Plastic Flag
Daydreams & Distractions
Lost Possibilities
The Prank Note
Paco Rabanne
The Printed Word (Sucks for Inflection)
Daydream Reprise
Far From Too Far
Camaraderie or Bust