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Just Married: Album of Duets

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The duet has a nasty habit of getting maligned as a smarmy and insincere musical form. All too often you get vapid "stars" banding together to butcher some old standard in an effort to simultaneously leap on each other's bandwagon. On the other hand, when done well, a duet can transcend any other musical form by combining the strengths of two musicians to create something that shows real communication between the artists. It takes teamwork to make a great duet and if there's one thing that's certain, Carolyn Mark is all about teamwork. And her co-hosts are too.

Track List: 
Fireworks w. NQ Arbuckle
North Country Fair w. The Silver Hearts
Rocket Piano Man w. Amy Honey
It's All Just a Matter of (Where You Draw the Line) w. Geoff Berner
Sweet Thing w. Corb Lund
Done Something Wrong w. Ford Pier
Slow Poke w. Nathan Tinkham
The Bappy Bluebird Sings w. The Fine Options
The Colour of Love w. Dave Lang
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry w. Luke Doucet
Don't Come Over Baby w. Clay George
Go Figure w. Kristen Harrison
I'll Be All Right w. Robyn Carrigan
Claxton's Lament w. Carey Mercer