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Heaven Is For Easy Girls


Available on CD or digitally through iTunes.

Shane Nelken is a man of many talents. To some, he is the witty frontman of The Awkward Stage, to others he is the friendly neighbourhood cremationist. After recording the girl harmonies with his pal, engineer and co-producer, Kurt Dahle (The New Pornographers, Limblifter), Shane was quick to admit his youth was a crushing time. And some things never change; themes of grown up awkwardness run wild amongst the clever pop hooks and wistful melodies of Heaven Is For Easy Girls that will have you shamelessly singing along.

The disc is a buffet of pop music flavors culled from Nelken's multiple talents and friends in the Vancouver scene, and it showcases his ability to craft earnest songs that aren't too sweet. - Spin


Track List: 
The Morons are Winning
So Stupid, So Smart
Heaven is for Easy Girls
Sad Girl Radio
I Drive
We're Going for a Ride
T-Rexia Nervosa
I Love You Hipster Darling
1000 Teenage Hearts
The Room Tone
The Circus Ends in Tears (Pachrymosa)
West Van Girl