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Box of Hair


We love cub. They brought the world happiness with their jangley pop songs about sunflowers, chinchillas, and flaming red bobsleds. To commemorate the girls’ cuddlecore legacy, we've re-released their tightest, their meanest, and, sadly, their final record, Box of Hair. And, just like your favourite box of cereal, there is a surprise inside of every one - a special limited edition cub patch designed by the band.

We pretty well all agree that the teeth are bared and the claws are out on their third album. No more Miss Nice Cub? Whatever... It's twelve awesome pop songs made up good by producer Mass Giorgini that showcases Lisa, Lisa, and Robynn's most thoughtful, ferocious, and beautiful album.


Track List: 
Pillow Queen
Magic 8 Ball
Main and Broadway
Box of Hair
One Last Kiss
Way to Go
Mom and Dad
Not What You Think (live)