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The Tigers Have Spoken star Neko Case has earned her cult following; she belts out songs like a burlesque house Patsy Cline, her brash lyrics fading into sentimental phrases as a chorus of drunken cowboys cry in the background. - Paste

Recorded over seven nights and at three different venues in Chicago and Toronto, The Tigers Have Spoken finds Neko backed by a full band featuring The Sadies and steel guitar whiz Jon Rauhouse along with special guests Kelly Hogan, Carolyn Mark, Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops, Paul Morstad, and Brian Connelly. While The Tigers Have Spoken is a live album, it is not your typical career retrospective -- only two of the eleven songs are from Neko's back catalogue. In addition to two new original compositions, Neko wraps her powerful pipes around a surprising collection of covers written by artists like Buffy Saint Marie, Loretta Lynn, the Shangri-La's and Freakwater's Catherine Irwin. The set closes with impassioned versions of the standards, "Wayfaring Stranger" and "This Little Light", which Neko forever makes her own.

(This album is only available on Anti Inc.)

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