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Busy Doing Nothing

- White splattered 12 song vinyl LP features Andrew W.K., The Evaporators, Franz Ferdinand, The Cribs, Fuad and The Feztones, Kate Nash, Jill Barber and Sage Francis all showing their love for Canadian punk heritage preservation! (Many of the songs on LP are covers of Legendary Vancouver, BC Punk Bands)

- Inserted inside the LP jacket is a 40 page free Calendar of Vintage 1970s Punk Rock Photos taken by Legendary Vancouver, BC Punk Photographer Bev Davies.

- Assembled by Vancouver Punk Rock Journalist/Evaporators singer, Nardwuar the Human Serviette.


***Side Nard***

1. The Evaporators & Andrew W.K. "I Hate Being Late When I'm Early" (The Evaporators/Andrew W.K.)

– This is an original song, a  collaboration between Andrew W.K. and Nardwuar's band, The Evaporators.

2. The Cribs "Death In The Family" (The Dishrags)

– The Cribs are from Wakefield, England and cover Vancouver All Girl 1970s Punk Band The Dishrags.

3. Kate Nash "My Chinchilla" (Cub)

– Kate Nash is from London and covers Cub, a Vancouver 1990s All Girl "Cuddlecore" band and the signature act on Mint Records.

4. Franz Ferdinand "Real Thing" (Pointed Sticks)

– Franz Ferdinand are from Glasgow and cover Legendary Vancouver 1970s Punk Band, the Pointed Sticks!

5. Fuad & The Feztones "Welcome To My Castle" (The Evaporators)

– This is Bobby and John from Montreal's legendary The Gruesomes. They (as Fuad & The Feztones) are covering (Nardwuar’s band) The Evaporators’ first single from 1992.

6. The Evaporators ft. Sage Francis/Xaul Zan & Megan Barnes "Hot Dog High" (The Evaporators/Sage Francis/Xaul Zan)

– Sage Francis raps on a verse for this Evaporators Original. Sage Francis runs Strange Famous Records and has released records thru ANTI-.

***Side Wuar***

1. The Evaporators "Busy Doing Nothing" (The Evaporators)

– An Evaporators original and the title track.

2. The Evaporators ft. Jill Barber & Andrew W.K. "Bring it On Home" (Doug Rutledge)

– This is a cover tune by Doug Rutledge, a 1970s Rockabilly/Truckdriver. Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Barber duets with Nardwuar on this track. Andrew W.K. also adds piano and organ.

3. The Evaporators "Milkshake Murder" (The Evaporators)

– This is an Evaporators Original.

4. The Evaporators "Bunk" (The Evaporators)

– This is an Evaporators Original.

5. The Evaporators "Pig War" (The Evaporators)

– This is an Evaporators Original.

6. The Evaporators "All The Bad Girls" (Pointed Sticks )

– This is a  Cover of Legendary Vancouver 1970's Punk Band, the Pointed Sticks.

7. *Interview* "Nardwuar vs. Franz Ferdinand"

– This is a clip from the first interview Nardwuar ever did with Franz Ferdinand.

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