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Mint & CMJ Party in New York City!

October 8, 2009


New York City. Let's see. There's Coney Island. That house from Ghostbusters. Amazing pizza. Crazy cab drivers. Galleries. Museums. AND THE MINT RECORDS CMJ SHOWCASE! (our apologies for yelling. we're excited - please come) The night is looking like this: Mint CMJ ShowcaseFri Oct 23 @ Fat Baby(112 Rivington St)8:30pm: Immaculate Machine9:15pm: Hot Panda10pm: The Pack A.D.

Click on the links below to hear some music from these three kick-ass bands!

Immaculate Machine

Sound the Alarms

I Only Love You for Your Car (video)

Hot Panda

Chinatown Bus

The Pack A.D.

Making Gestures

Blackout (video)