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Canadian Tuxedo

9.99 CAD

Available on CD & LP. Also for download through iTunes.

Half indie rock, half garage rock, all girl! Canadian Tuxedo is 10 catchy, riff-tastic songs to sing along to recorded at JC/DC Studios by Dave Carswell (Tegan & Sara, New Pornographers, A.C. Newman, Bella). Megan Johnson's pulsing keyboards, Becca Stewart's driving bass, and CC Rose's urgent drumming explode from the speakers, harkening back to the mid '80s scene of Venice Beach, California as Eden Fineday belts out melodic lyrics that reflect upon the fragility of life itself, the struggle of relationships, and remembering to live each day to the fullest.

Eden Fineday first met Becca Stewart back in the '90s when they were both living in Santa Cruz, CA. They played in a couple of side projects together but took a break when Becca moved back to Vancouver. A few years later Eden ended up back in Vancouver and decided to hook up with her old friend. As luck would have it, Becca had recently befriended and moved in with a charming and talented young keyboard player by the name of Megan Johnson. The local band, The Cinch, were about to take a hiatus, so they approached the drummer, CC Rose, and asked if she wanted to "jam." That night Vancougar was born.

The four girls from Vancougar are all about big guitar riffs, but they are more playful than snotty and even as rough as East Van gets, it's still beautiful. - HeroHill

this has the spunk, the energy, and the hooks to make a believer out of anyone; this is punk-leaning pop at its most purely enjoyable. - allmusic

Track List: 
Phone Calls
Every Car
Lonely Life
Let it Go