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Terrible Hostess

"Carolyn Mark may be a terrible hostess, but, damn, I wanna be at her next house party. Judging by her new disc, shindigs at the Mark household are a helluva trip. Terrible Hostess has the unsteady feel of post-bacchanalian revelry - you know, that wobbly sense of trying to get your bearings by drinking water and black coffee the day after - with sweet tunes that veer between stripped-down bluegrass, brassy torch songs and anthems to depression that make you want to drink red wine and slit your wrists. She consistently channels the spirit of Patsy Cline, particularly on the sultry “Chumpville”, and at the same time deserves props for capturing the nauseous insanity of a true house party." - NOW.

Carolyn Mark returns with her second album, and her first studio recording. Terrible Hostess is her follow-up to 2000's Party Girl, Carolyn’s cross-Canada recording adventure that put her on the map as one of the country’s main roots/country stars. With Carolyn's real-life room-mates Tolan McNeil and Garth Johnson providing musical accompaniment duties as always, Terrible Hostess is a step-up, both musically and stylistically. Building on her already rock solid foundation as one of the country’s most entertaining and engaging performers, Mark knocks things up a rung or two (or ten) with Terrible Hostess. Carolyn's live performances are something to see: she engages the audience one on one in a manner that has become sadly all too uncommon these days. Part folk-singer, part nightclub comic, part storyteller, Mark brings a sense of fun to performance that will stay with you long after last call.


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