Necking @ Pin Bar

Sled Island presents The Shiverettes, Necking, Andy & the Dannys and Crom/Dam

The Shiverettes
If rock & roll is still a boy's club, can we all finally agree to pull a runner and head across town to wherever The Shiverettes are playing instead? It's surely going to be a better party. With brutally-honest lyrics shouted atop an increasingly confident garage and post-punk foundation, their new album,Real Shrill Bitches, lands a kick that sends cock rock straight to its knees. Founding mother Sister Rosetta Thorpe would be proud.

Pop-punk in possibly the most literal sense of the genre, Necking strike with a rawness counteracted with a undeniable bounce. Ricocheting guitar and bass lines atop four-on-the-floor beats, Necking's punk-purity shines, with shouted tongue-in-cheek lyrics punching through energetically driven instrumentals.

Andy and The Dannys
A new-ish project from Andy Mulcair (formerly of Edmonton's Power-Buddies and frequent drummer for Marlaena Moore) Andy & the Dannys serve up a blast of straight-up guitar pop, energetic vocals and unabashed fun. Super catchy hooks and songs about napping and laundry? Andy's your guy. And his Dannys are there to provide a properly shambolic backdrop.

Victoria is a town not traditionally known for exporting misanthropic synth punk, but it' 2019 and who knows what the hell is going on with anything anymore? Crom/Dam is a pair of punk rock ne'er-do-wells that serve up quick-tempo, dual-vocal, drum machine-backed punk with legit Farfisa organ sounds laddled on top of the mix.

Tour Date: 
Saturday June 22, 2019