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Vancouver Special


Available on CD or via iTunes.

Vancouver Special is the brainchild of Sean Raggett, a CiTR/Discorder contributor and owner of the legendary Good Jacket, a store that supplied Vancouverites with quality vintage and pop-culture clothing. The Good Jacket also hosted several shows.

This album is somewhat of a tribute to Sean and the local independent artists that performed at the shop. Furthermore, all net proceeds from the sale of the CD benefit A Loving Spoonful, a local charitable organization that is devoted to providing nutritious meals to those living with AIDS and HIV. The compilation features early songs by Thee Goblins, The New Pornographers, Vancouver Nights, The Radio, Jerk With a Bomb, Canned Hamm, and many, many more.

Track List: 
Thee Goblins-"The Good Jacket Theme"
The New Pornographers and Neko-"Letter From an Occupant"
The Battles-"Lycanthropy"
Vancouver Nights-"Naikoon Park"
Bossanova-"Closet Sounds"
Pepper Sounds-"So Fine"
The Secret Three-"Experience in Fright"
The Radio-"Crystal Blue"
Loscil Vs. Destroyer-"Merci"
Capozzi Park-"Baby Song"
Jerk With a Bomb-"God Is It Morning?"
The Gun Purse-"Summer's Always Drippin'"
Canned Hamm-"Bubble Bath"
Clover Honey-"Dirty Honey"
Riff Randells-"Somebody's Mom"
Demon Skull-"Vampire Convent"
Full Sketch-"First Sketch"
Thea Bowering-"Kitchen Familiarities"
The All Star Schnauzer Band-"Angry Young Schnauzer"
July 4th Toilet-"Hello Rock 'n' Roll Star"
Even Symons-"Post Mortem Apology"
Radio Berlin-"Selection Drone"
Pipedream-"Deeper Arcades"
Tremelo Falls-"Adieu"