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United Empire Loyalists


LP includes CD version and double-sided 24"x24" gatefold cover.

Prepare yourself as you are about to enter the zany, outrageous rock & roll antics of The Evaporators! Originally released on Nardwuar Records and fronted by Nardwuar the Human Serviette himself, United Empire Loyalists is the debut full-length from this wild and shocking quartet.

Some of the first recordings to be put to vinyl by the legendary man of international absurdity, this album features high-profile interviews with the likes of Bush-era Vice President Dan Quayle and the Godfather of Shock Rock himself, Alice Cooper. Don't miss your chance to add this bonafide rarified relic to your collection!

Track List: 
United Empire Loyalists
Busy Body
Les Yeux Fermes
Pillars In The Room
Oh Baby
Dan Quayle Vs. Nardwuar
Baby Send For Me
I'm Going To France
It's My Pride
Welcome To My Castle
Baby You Got Me
Your Instrument Does Not Affect Me
Yo No Soy Rebelde
Vampire Blues
Nardwuar Vs. Alice Cooper