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"Memorize The City" b/w "No One Has Ever Looked So Dead"


This is a 7" vinyl.

One of the few relics from the all-too-short-lived Vancouver indie pop outfit The Organ, this is a rare 45 featuring the second single off 2004's Grab That Gun on the A-side. Flip the platter over and there's a particularly poignant version "No One Has Ever Looked So Dead", recorded by Gideon Coe during a BBC session in 2006. Don't sleep on this must-have for enthusiasts and completists alike.

... the combination of defiant but despairing lyrics and simple melodic verve pushes The Organ over the thin line that separates the inspired from the derivative. - BBC

Hauntingly beautiful work. - NME

Track List: 
Memorize The City
No One Has Ever Looked So Dead (Gideon Coe BBC 6 Music Session 30/03/06)