January 18, 2008

Somebody let us in on the surprise. Now, everyone knows that The Choir Practice will be performing the national anthems for Monday’s Canucks game. If you were unable to score front-row tickets, the band will join you in your living room at 7:00pm on Sportsnet. So you’ve been warned; go pick up those hockey game snacks!

December 20, 2007

Phew, this year’s Mint Records Just in Time for Xmas parties are over. And, after two action-packed nights at the Railway club, we’ve managed to raise $4,343 for our neighbours at The PHS Community Services Society, who provide sustainable housing and services to high-risk individuals in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Thanks to The Awkward Stage, Bella, The Buttless Chaps, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, Hot Panda, Immaculate Machine, Kellarissa, The Pack A.D., The Ramblin’ Ambassadors, Vancougar and Young and Sexy for making these events such a success! A special thank-you goes out to our generous prize sponsors, and of course to everyone who came out to the Railway on those nights!

Photo copyright Adam PW Smith -

December 5, 2007

2007 has been quite the year for us at Mint Records; we've signed some great new bands (Bella, The Pack A.D. & Vancougar), teared up when our beloved office plant, Myrtle II, passed on and celebrated many new releases. In early June, Brooke, Luke and Kathryn of Immaculate Machine released their sophomore Mint album, Fables. You should have seen CBC Radio 3 personality, Grant Lawrence's face when Brooke and Kathryn revealed that they translated their song "Dear Confessor", into Mandarin because of a cheeky comment he made on the air. Apparently, it was priceless. Remember meeting our lovely new band, Bella? Well, since then, they've released their dreamy Mint debut, No One Will Know, taken their first trip to CMJ and are growing up so very fast. Since recording her woodsy Nothing is Free, Carolyn Mark has been racing around America with her friends Po' Girl and collecting more delicious recipes for the Fresh Breath of Mint Zine. (Her butternut squash casserole from Ashland, Oregon has become an office favourite. Contact us if you'd like to know how it is made.) Ambitious Uncle Nardwuar has been busy too with Welcome to my Castle, his new DVD of fearless celebrity interview footage, his 20th anniversary on CiTR Radio, his retro shirtless floatie pen and his six (!!!) new videos from The Evaporators' new record, Gassy Jack and Other Tales. His energy is awe-inspiring. Since we last spoke, The Awkward Stage teamed up with Young and Sexy to produce a split 7-inch. P:ano's Nick Krgovich, stopped by with his solo One Woman Show before returning to his home in Burquitlam. And The Choir Practice is getting ready for some holiday carols at the upcoming Just In Time For Xmas Parties. If you're free in December, we would love to see you there. We're looking forwards to 2008. In January, we re-release The Pack A.D.'s Tintype. In February, Vancougar's "Obvious" b/w "Distance" 7-inch is out. And, there shall soon be surprises from Young and Sexy, The Ramblin' Ambassadors, Vancougar, The Awkward Stage, Novillero and many others. SXSW is coming fast too. This year, the Mint SXSW Showcase will be epic. If everything goes as planned, we could have six Mint bands (The Awkward Stage, Bella, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, The Pack A.D. and Vancougar) migrating South and getting into all sorts of trouble – we'll tell you all about it next year! On that note, we wish you a happy holiday season and a exciting 2008!Love,Your Friends at Mint Records    Mint Releases in 2007

Click on the songs below for your free MP3 download:

The Choir Practice The Choir Practice - Red Fox

Nick Krgovich 7" - One Woman Show

Young and Sexy/Awkward Stage" Double A Side Series Volume 1 7" - Hello Sonny

Immaculate Machine Fables - C'Mon Sea Legs

Carolyn Mark Nothing Is Free - The 1 That Got Away With it

Bella No One Will Know - Camelot

The Evaporators Gassy Jack and Other Tales - You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out

Nardwuar the Human Serviette Welcome To My Castle DVD

November 26, 2007

For the past 13+ years, Mint Records has been headquartered in the Dominion Building in Vancouver. In other words, for the past 13+ years, Mint Records has been neighbours with what is commonly known as the Downtown Eastside, or also recognized as the poorest postal code in Canada. We've long considered the fact that we are mere visitors to the area (in more ways than one), there to do work, then eventually vacating the area until the next day, and have often wondered about all the hundreds of people who call the DTES home, and who can't leave like we can, and who face a daily at-risk reality whose depths we can only fathom to imagine.It was with this in mind that we thought that we should put our money where our mouth is, and contribute in some fashion to the PHS Community Services Society -- namely by turning the Mint Records Xmas nights at the Railway into PHS benefits.The PHS Community Services Society is a nonprofit society that manages a number of social housing projects in the Downtown Eastside, including the Portland Hotel, where several members of local musical groups have worked and work, providing support, services, and resources to its residents and other high-risk individuals in the community.Coco Culbertson of Mint Records' The Choir Practice was a key figure in the Portland Hotel Society, and she had this to say: "The PHS has done incredible amounts of good for the community. I could go on and on about the groundbreaking, tireless and innovative accomplishments for the most voiceless and marginal that the PHS is fiercely committed to....but i will just say PHS rocks. Good choice."

November 20, 2007

It's that time again; we're on the hunt for our next Mintern.

We love our Minterns. Minterns typically tackle a variety of projects, many that contribute to promoting upcoming albums and tours. Minterns also help maintain peace and ballance in the office. Sure, it’s not 100% glamorous, but, there are several perks to Minterning. Minterns will make interesting new friends. Minterns will be sent to a few shows. Minterns will sample a release or two before they hit the streets. Everyone wins. Ideally, we would like a student who needs to complete a practicum in order to graduate. If that person possesses their own laptop, is detail oriented, can work independently and has some background knowledge or interest in the music biz, that is a bonus! We ask that our Mintern is available for at minimum of 24 hours a week (spend four six-hour days a week in the office). The duration of our Mintern’s stay is fifteen weeks or for the duration of their practicum requirements. This is an unpaid temporary gig and a terrific opportunity to learn about the complexities of Canada’s music industry. Please send questions, cover letters and resumes to

November 5, 2007

Normally, we celebrate the holidays with our annual Mint Records Ridiculously Early Xmas Party (Remember last year? Nardwuar hauled up members of Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs). This year, we've changed things up. On December 14th and December 15th, The Mint Records Just in Time for Xmas Party will take place at the Railway Club with an unprecedented number of bands performing.

We've invited The Awkward Stage, Bella, The Buttless Chaps, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, Immaculate Machine, The Pack A.D., The Ramblin' Ambassadors (from Calgary), Vancougar, and Young and Sexy, and spread them over two nights at The Railway Club for you to savour.  Get there early, because the first 75 paid entrants each night will receive a gift! Plus, there will be no advance tickets!  Yes, to continue with tradition, we're giving out some amazing presents from our friends. Early confirmed gift-givers: CBC Radio 3, Six Cent Press, iTunes Music Store, Bonerattle Music, Zulu, Scratch, Northern Electric, Red Cat, Bongo Beat, Boompa, White Whale, Latida, Black Hen, Hockey Dad, Nardwuar, Kelp Records, Happy Bats Cinema, Black Dog Video, Punk Rock Books, Paper Bird Clothing, Not Just Another Music Shop, Foundation Restaurant, and Long and Mcquade. And if you're on Vancouver Island the weekend before, we're doing the same thing at Victoria's Logan's Pub (on Friday and Saturday December 7 and 8) and Nanaimo's The & Loan Gallery (Saturday December 8 only)! Info? Email:

October 31, 2007

To celebrate Nardwuar's 20th Anniversary on CiTR, on the evening of November 2nd, there will be a special free, all ages gig. Come see Nardwuar's band, The Evaporators, plus The Tranzmitors, The Pack A.D. and Kid Kordene at the Sub Ballroom in Vancouver.

ps: This is all happening AFTER Nard's 20 hour Interview Marathon on CiTR. Beginning at 9:00 on November 1st, Nardwuar is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his Vancouver Radio Show (1987-2007) on CiTR 101.9 FM with a 20 hour, "Live on the Air" Nardwuar Interview Marathon. You can tune in and listen online here.

Who: Nardwuar, The Evaporators, The Tranzmitors, The Pack A.D. and Kid Kordene.

What: Nardwuar celebrates his 20 years on CiTR with a free all ages show.

Where: The UBC SUB Ballroom, Vancouver, BC.

When: Friday, November 2nd at 7:30pm.

Why: Just baking a cake just wouldn't cut it.


October 8, 2007

Immaculate Machine do not speak Mandarin, but they certainly can sing it. After being teased about their French EP by CBC Radio 3 personality Grant Lawrence, the band went back to the studio with their friend Marie (pictured with Brooke, at right), who translated “Dear Confessor” into Mandarin and taught it to them phonetically. Brooke, Kathryn and Luke then went to the CBC Studios and personally presented the song to Grant. According to Brooke, they don't know precisely what they're saying but those fluent in Mandarin have told them it is quite well done.

...and Immaculate Machine have a surprise for you too. You can download, “Wo Xiang Tanbai” right here, for free!

September 25, 2007

Pop Quiz:What do you get when you add four ladies, one pair of cat eye glasses, East Vancouver, a crate of old records and a minivan named Maple Syrup?A. A rock 'n' roll cocktail of one part retro pop, and one part attitude.B. The latest band to sign to Mint Records.C. Vancougar.D. All of the above.The correct response is, indeed, D. All of the above.Now watch out! The girls of Vancougar are out to get you. Eden Fineday, Becca Stewart, Megan Johnson and CC Rose (The Cinch, Pink Mountaintops) are back from touring the US and are tearing up JC/DC Studios (New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara, Bella), recording Canadian Tuxedo, their Mint debut and the followup to their Scratch Records release, Losin' it Look for it in early2008!

September 19, 2007

Hooray for Mondays! Sure, you probably scour record stores for new releases on Tuesdays. And, yes, Saturday morning cartoons are pretty good too. However, for the next 5 Mondays, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is counting down the weeks until The Evaporators' hyperactive and strangely educational Gassy Jack is out by releasing a series of sporadic music videos on


Gassy Jack and Other Tales, The Evaporators' fourth full length release, will be on record store shelves on November 6th.


And a second DVD dose of Nard's renegade celebrity interviews, titled Welcome To My Castle, is out on November 6th too. The DVD will include Nardwuar's bizarro encounters with The Junos, Gilligan, Prime Minister John Turner, Jello Biafra, Timothy Leary, the Degrassi Kids, Ron Jeremy, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Flea, Ernest Angley and many, many, many more.


Beginning at 9:00 on November 1st, Nardwuar is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his Vancouver Radio Show (1987-2007) on CiTR fm 101.9 with a 20 hour, "Live on the Air" Nardwuar Interview Marathon. Shortly after that, on November 2nd, Nardwuar's CD/DVD release party will take place at the UBC SUB Ballroom. Performances by The Evaporators, The Pack and more will join our sleep deprived punk rock superhero. Does Nardwuar ever slow down? Well, not really.