April 4, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest addition to the Mint roster. He's witty. He is humble. And he is an incredibly talented songwriter, producer and remix-creator. You may recognize him from Vancouver's beloved Fine Mist, or heard him work his behind the scenes magic on noteworthy records from Apollo Ghosts, Bleating Hearts, Myths and several others. His name is Jay Arner and we think he's great. Jay's self-titled solo debut is out on Mint Records on June 25th, 2013. 

Upcoming Shows: 

May 8th - Zoo Shop, Vancouver, BC with Thee Ahs

May 18th - The Biltmore, Vancouver, BC with Shotgun Jimmie and Gal Gracen


April 2, 2013

CONGRATS TO PICK A PIPER, THEIR BEAUTIFUL NEW RECORD IS OUT TODAY! If you haven't had a blissful psychadelic experience recently, we recommend checking out their incredible video for "All Her Colours" below. 

Then go see them on TOUR! They have many dates booked - many have not been announced at this time.

Pick a Piper on Tour: 

April 3 - Starlight - Waterloo, ON
April 4 - La Petite Boite Noire - Sherbrooke, ON
April 5 - Quai Des Brumes - Montreal, QC
April 6 - Pantoum - Quebec City, QC
April 7 - Pressed Cafe - Ottawa, ON
April 10 - The Spill - Peterborough, ON
April 11 - E Bar - Guelph, ON
April 12 - Homegrown - Hamilton, ON
April 13 - Rivoli - Toronto, ON
April 14 - Moustache Club - Oshawa, ON
April 19 - APK - London, ON
April 20 - Phog Lounge - Windsor, ON
April 26 - DIY Arts Collective - Barrie, ON

"The eight-track effort blends watery, disembodied grooves and shimmering atmospherics with tight-wristed percussion and guest vocals (from members of the Ruby Suns, Enon and Brainiac, Born Ruffians, and Braids) that also keep your feet fixed firmly on the ground." - SPIN


February 26, 2013

Our ferocious duo, The Pack a.d. can now add "Juno Nominee" to their long long list of accomplishments. Congratulations Becky and Maya, you've earned this one! We're looking forward to seeing what these two do next as they've been keeping busy, recording a new album and scheming to take over the world.


You can check out the full list of nominees here.

February 26, 2013

Oh no! It is happening again. The SXSW emails have started flooding inboxes! And we're pleased to announce our upcoming SXSW party. This time, we're partnering with the good folks at Riot Act Media and bringing out a handful of Mint pals including Renny Wilson, Nardwuar and his band The Evaporators, Lisa Marr (of cub) and The Party Man himself, Mr. Andrew WK. Now, here are the details: 

Mint Records vs Riot Act Media 
Free SXSW Day Party
Thursday, March 14th 11:30am - 6:00pm
Cheer Up Charlie's - 1104 E 6th St 

The lineup so far: 
Nardwuar and The Evaporators with Andrew WK
Renny Wilson
Lisa Marr's Cub Sing-a-Long
Sean Nicholas Savage
Brass Bed
Deaf Club
Pony Time
Dana Falconberry
The Blank Tapes

Riot Act and Mint will be supplying FREE PBR so come early, there is a limited supply. 

A special thanks to Exclaim! too. Make sure you grab a copy of their April issue. We'll have a few at the party! 

For schedule updates, please check our Facebook event. This is an unofficial event, so you don't need a fancy wristband to get in. And entry is obviously FREE and based on capacity, but if you want to RSVP, you can do so here

January 24, 2013

We'd like to take a moment to share some good news with you. We've added Toronto's Pick a Piper to the Mint Records roster! The band is made up of Brad Weber, who you may remember as a touring member of Caribou, as well his friends Clint Scrivener, Angus Fraser and Dan Roberts. Pick a Piper’s self-titled April 2nd debut features guest appearances from members of The Ruby Suns, Enon/Braniac, Born Ruffians and Braids. 

You can download the band's first single here: 

January 15, 2013

Remember that time we got really high off of paint fumes while silkscreening Mint/CiTR Pop Alliance LP covers? Well, this March, we're going to open the windows and do it again. GET READY for VOLUME 3 of the Mint/CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation! It will be out on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013.

To carry on the Pop Alliance tradition, we called upon CiTR’s Duncan McHugh (aka: the host of Duncan’s Donuts) to bring together 14 of Vancouver's finest including Jay Arner, Movieland, Korean Gut (RIP), Peace and more. Many songs are un-released and once again, all proceeds will go back to CiTR 101.9 - the birthplace of Mint Records! 

Only 300 of these waxy gems will be pressed, carefully silkscreened by the station's volunteers and numbered by hand. You can get one by donating to the station during their upcoming funding drive (Feb 28 - Mar 8), pre-ordering the release from us, or waiting for the record to hit record store shelves on Tuesday March 5th, 2013.

And while we're rambling, check out the incredible album artwork from former CiTR DJ, Melanie Coles. Mr. Jay Arner also deserves a golden star for mastering this creation and producing many of the tracks on the record.

To unleash this record in style, we're rounding up as many of the bands on the comp as possible (the lineup is currently TBD) and taking over Chapel Arts (204 Dunlevy) for an evening. This time, we're setting up not one, but two stages. Mark Friday, March 8th on your calendar, it's going to be swell! 

Now, you're probably wondering about the bands: 

MovielandMovieland is Alie, Selina, Adrienne and Davina. They take turns writing their own songs.“1-2-3-4 Get Fucked” comes from their so-to-be released debut on Green Burrito Records. It was mixed and recorded by Mr. Jay Arner.

PeaceAccording to Spin, “Your Hand in Mine” is a moonlit number with a heavy heart and dead eyes. We borrowed this track from their 2012 release called The World is Too Much With Us (Suicide Squeeze).

Jay ArnerJay Arner is the multitalented man-about-town who co-recorded the new Apollo Ghosts record and contributes to bands including Fine MistBleating Hearts and Gal Gracen. He was kind enough to produce several songs on this compilation and mastered the release too. His upcoming TBD solo project is something you should probably look out for!

Gal GracenPatrick Geraghty, of Role Mach (you may remember him from Vol 2 of The Pop Alliance collection), calls his newest band Gal Gracen and his live band features Adrian from Apollo Ghosts as well as Jay Arner.

PUPSPUPS is Caitlin Livingston, Katie Gravestock and Rose Melberg. They are from Vancouver, B.C.

FanshawOlivia Fetherstonhaugh aka Fanshaw is known for taking her time with songwriting. This is the first song that has surfaced since her Dark Eyes debut. After listening to this and her previous release, we’ll be right here, patiently waiting to see what she does next. 

Aaron ReadBorn and recording in Burnaby, BC, Aaron Read makes maunal pop songs with guitars, drums, voices, noises and keyboards. Songs are made out of and always inspired by friends, family, films, experiences and field recordings.  In 2011, he captured our interest with his debut record, Bubble Skulls. Since Aaron is a total mensch, he recorded “Unlimited Sight” especially for us. Thanks again Aaron! 

Korean Gut: Korean Gut is a surf-garage band, but they don't exist anymore. Jarrett wrote this song about something their bass player said at practice, and it morphed into a bitter rant against people who confront you in troubled times just to feel better about themselves. At least it wasn't about comic books for once. You should probably check out theirYour Misery – Our Benefit 7” (Mammoth Cave). It is a thing of true beauty. When we told them about this comp, Korean Gut were kind enough to record this song just for us. 

Needles//PinsThis is powery, poppy, garagey, punkish stuff from Vancouver, BC. “I Heart Drugs” came from their 2012 creation 12:34 (Mammoth Cave).

The CourtneysSun drenched flying nun influenced pop with sweet licks that'll stick with you for days. 

“The Courtneys are one of those bands that you can file under “feel-good.” I mean, the three-piece named their first release Keanu Reeves (yes, after THAT Keanu Reeves), and their songs don’t have a single angry bone of note.” – Vice

The ladies even have a video for "90210" – you can watch it here.

Babysitter"Victoria B.C.’s Babysitter are a savvy bunch of garage gourmets whose love of lo-fi and d.i.y. decor is honest and appealing." – Discorder

We should also mention, “Be Cool” is an outtake from their 2012 full-length debut called Eye (Psychic Handshake). 

BankrobberThis is Jordan Minkoff from Slam Dunk's other band, which pretty much automatically makes them awesome. Bankrobber is and will always be the band most closely associated with it's roots firmly planted in a mix of this meets that and vice versa. Since 2010 it has been Bankrobber that has been making that familiar sound of a dog biting a dog on a doglog.

WeedWeed is a heavy, grungey pop band from Vancouver, BC that features Will Anderson, Kevin Doherty, Hugo Noriega and Bobby Siadat. When not recording they play all-ages shows and publish a free monthly newsletter with Lucky’s Comics called "Dunk". This song is from last year's Gun Control EP. They just finished recording their debut LP in Seattle to be released in mid-2013.

SleuthSleuth are the 2011 CiTR Shindig Winners, have been featured on a Cloudberry Records compilation, played NYC Popfest last year, have one release, Brave Knew Nothing and are currently working on new recordings. Besides tipsy bowling with Mint Records, The Lion in Love, Julian Bowers, Oliver McTavish-Wisden and Leon Easter enjoy long walks on the beach and evenings by the fire.

November 30, 2012

"If you’ve been reading The FADER for a good couple of years, you’d know that there’s been a long-standing soft spot Studio, a now defunct duo that made beach disco perfect for lazing around. If you caught me in the right moment, I would probably tell you it was the best thing to ever exist. Renny Wilson—who probably spends a lot of time listening to yacht rock and old disco—has created a song that sits comfortably up there with Studio’s woefully small catalog. It’s lush and pretty, and more importantly: soft. Not in a bad way, though. It’s more that it feels blurred at the edges, existing in a constant half-sleep state of near bliss. Renny Wilson’s Sugarglider comes out January 22nd on Mint Records." 

Read more:

November 8, 2012

We at Mint Records are proud to announce our latest signing, Edmonton Alberta's, Renny Wilson. Now, Renny Wilson is not your typical young man. He's a gentleman. He can sport a Canadian tuxedo like no other. And he is a menacing presence both in the studio and on the dance floor. Soon, Renny will win you over with his dizzy, saxified pop indulgences. Look out for his Mint Records debut, Sugarglider in early 2013. 

To give you a little more insight, Renny once described his musical being as "A film starring Hall & Oates set on a cruise ship with Donna Summer playing the woman of interest. Competition for her love nearly tears them apart, but they soon find out she and her accomplice, played by Paul McCartney, are plotting to sink the ship! Also, Al Green is the ship's resident crooner." We're just going to say that Sugarglider is our go-to party record these days and we're pretty sure you'll agree.

"As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++." -

July 4, 2012

Carolyn Mark is preparing to release her 8th full-length record (9th if you count her album with Neko Case as The Corn Sisters, 10th if you include her compilation soundtrack for Robert Altman's film, "Nashville"). Her new album will be called The Queen of Vancouver Island and released on September 18th, 2012 on her longtime label, Mint Records. Carolyn's last release, Let's Just Stay Here, that she co-wrote with NQ Arbuckle, was nominated for a Juno award and this will be the official follow-up.

The Queen of Vancouver Island was recorded in 4 locations (Hollister, CA, Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver) in 5 sessions during the winter of 2011-12 with the tops in the field, one can't help thinking THIS IS THE ONE!

The Queen Of Vancouver Island - due out on Sept 18th, 2012Preview the first single, "Not Like The Movies" hereTrack Listing:1. Poor Farmers2. The Queen of Vancouver Island3. Baby Goats4. Not Talk5. Best Friend6. Flaming Star7. Nobody('s Perfect) 8. Mellie's Book9. Not Like the Movies10. The Cereal is the Prize11. Old Whores12. You're not a Whore (if no one's paying) "really there's no roots-country chanteuse as engaging as Mark, whose well-intentioned banter is capable of making even the sourest puss at a show crack a smile." - Exclaim!  Carolyn Mark on Tour:15 June - The Branch, Kemptville, ON16 June - Neat Cafe, Burnstown, ON17 June - Montreal Folk Festival, Montreal, QC22 June - Killaloe Curling Club, Killaloe, ON23 June - The Black Sheep, Wakefield, QC24 June - Manhattan's, Guelph, ON27 June - Jane Bond, Waterloo, ON29 June - Cameron House, Toronto, ON5 July - The Rendezvous, Seattle, WA6 July - Siren's, Port Townsend, WA7 July - Shed Fest, Friday Harbor, WA8 July - Pride, Victoria, BC11 July - Pine Family Social Club, Victoria, BC12 July - Raw Canvas, Vancouver, BC13 July - Hope Bay Studio, Pender Island, BC14 July - The Roxy, Gabriola Island, BC27 July - Blackjack's, Nisku, AB28 July - Blackjack's, Nisky, AB29 July - Sasquatch Fest, Evansburg, AB3 August - Kumsheen River Rafting, Kumsheen, BC4 August - Johnson Fest, Cumberland, BC4 August - The Packing House, Spences Bridge, BC9 August - The Abeline, Rochester, NY11 August - Marty's, Buffalo, NY12 August - Bait and Tackle, Brooklyn, NY13 August - The Ear Inn, New York, NY14 August - The Rodeo Bar, New York, NY16 August - The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, ON17 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON18 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON19 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON20 August - Moonshine Tavern, Oakville, ON22 August - Terra Nova, Creemore, ON