October 27, 2008

The latest issue of our fancy little fanzine, Fresh Breath of Mint is hot off the press. As you've come to expect, it’s filled with all sorts of comics, tour stories and good advice. This time, it comes with custom cover art by Jenny of The Organ as well as Nardwuar interviews and some Kellarissa shopping tips. If you haven’t picked up a copy from your local campus radio station or record shop send us a note and we'll send you a copy. Easy peasy.

October 20, 2008

Aside from their really cold winters, Winnipeg has some good things going on. Especially when it boils down to their resident bands. Thanks to their friends, The Weakerthans, Mint’s mod-popsters, Novillero will soon be making their way across the sea to support the German indie rock sensation, Tomte on a tour that weaves throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s exciting stuff for our Winnipeg gentlemen.

Since their September 08 release, A Little Tradition, the band has toured Canada, played Pop Montreal and will soon be in New York for CMJ.

Listen to A Little Tradition here. And tell your far away friends!

05.11.08 Hannover Capitol06.11.08 Köln - E-Werk07.11.08 Essen - Weststadthalle08.11.08 Bielefeld - Ringlokschuppen09.11.08 Magdeburg - Factory10.11.08 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof11.11.08 Saarbrücken - Garage12.11.08 Bremen - Schlachthof13.11.08 OFF14.11.08 Dresden - Reithalle15.11.08 A-Wien - Arena16.11.08 München - Tonhalle17.11.08 Stuttgart - Theaterhaus18.11.08 CH-Zürich - Rohstofflager19.11.08 Erlangen - E-Werk20.11.08 Lingen - Alter Schlachthof21.11.08 Hamburg - Große Freiheit 3622.11.08 Hamburg - Große Freiheit 36 TBC

“Novillerro, Slaughter’s newest outfit, has put no such restriction on their sound, and the difference is immediately obvious. Keyboards, horns and other flourishes flesh out the arrangements, giving a full complement of textures to the band’s cleverly crafted rock.” – FFWD“Novillero's A Little Tradition shows what widespread experience and exceptional musicianship can really produce. The Winnipeg band's four members, each accomplished in separate past projects as well as boasting two full-length releases, cooperate seamlessly together to form an indie rock album that has very few flaws.” –

October 16, 2008

It has been a busy fall for Mint. Lots of bands on the road and lots of music conferences. Next up is our CMJ showcase will be on October 14th at Fat Baby (112 Rivington St - right in the heart of the Lower East Side) and will feature The Pack A.D., Novillero, Vancougar, The Awkward Stage and our newest signing Hot Panda (album out in February).

See you there!


July 31, 2008

The Western Canadian Music Association award nominations are in. And not one - but three of our Minty comrades' releases are up for awards!Carolyn Mark - Nothing is Free(Outstanding Solo Roots Recording)The Evaporators - Gassy Jack and Other Tales(Outstanding Rock Recording)Immaculate Machine - Fables(Outstanding Independent Album)And, Mint is up for an industry award - Independent Record Label of The Year. We've got our fingers crossed for our friends. And, if you happen to be in Edmonton October 16 - 19, be sure to pop by and say hi. Our Ramblin' Ambassadors and Buttless Chaps shall be performing at the WCMA festivities. Hot dog!

July 29, 2008

Have you picked up the latest copy of our fancy Mint Records fanzine, Fresh Breath of Mint? The freshest issue features cover artwork from the infamous Mitch Clem and is jammed full of tour stories, comics, top secret family recipes and good advice from your favourite Mint artists. Want to get your paws on one? Send a note to with your address and we'll mail you a free copy.

Also, we've begun planning our next issue - if you are interested in advertising in our little magazine, please write to and we'll send you the details.

June 3, 2008

Alright, it's time to unveil your most embarrassing, horrific and unflattering photos. You know, that lovely snapshot you've untagged on Facebook, the one that documents the exact moment when your 16th birthday party went downhill. Or that horrific high school yearbook photo, you know the one, with the hair and the braces and that sweater your mom picked out… It could even be something funny that happened on your fancy new computer's Photo Booth application, as long as it makes you cringe! To help ease the pain, the most unflattering picture will be rewarded with an Awkward Stage prize pack that includes a copy of the band's new album, Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights (out June 10th) as well as some other treasures. And, for added emotional scarring, we'll post your photo here on! Email your photos to!To get you inspired, here are some incriminating shots we've discovered of the Minties…

April 22, 2008

Mint is pleased and proud to welcome Edmonton, Alberta's Hot Panda to our dysfunctional family!

When you get compared, in the same breath, to everything from Daniel Johnson to the Talking Heads, you know you have a sound that's hard to pin down. Since their formation during the particularly chilly winter of 2006, the members of Hot Panda (Maghan Campbell, Keith Olsen, Chris Connelly, and Heath Parsons) have yet to sit down and have the discussion that goes: "So, what should we sound like?". The result is a swath of tunes that sound like anything and everything. Brit pop, gypsy swing, opera solos, Robert Pollard style lo-fi jangles, glammy Roxy Music keyboards, and "melodies that will be impossible to dislodge from your temporal cortex" (ChartAttack), all find their home in the music of Hot Panda... sometimes all in the same song! After the recording of their 2007 EP Whale Headed Girl, Hot Panda took to the road, and I guess you could say the road took to them! The band hasn't looked back since, ever wheeling over Canada in a questionable 1977 ambulance, taking their rambunctiously theatrical live show to "kids who like to dance" all over the nation. In February 2008, Hot Panda took the time to travel to Winnipeg and record their first full length record, which will be coming out on Mint Records in the near future!

April 16, 2008

We're pleased to welcome delightful and talented songstress Larissa Loyva into the Mint Records family - or, rather, welcome her back. You may already know Larissa from her stunning vocal and songwriting contributions to previous Mint releases from P:ano and The Choir Practice. After working with these groups, defined by their strengths as ensembles, she's now taking centre stage with her new solo project Kellarissa."Kellarissa" literally means "in the basement". Think shag rugs, red lampshades, cocktail hour and muumuus. With synthesizer and vocal loops smothered in a haze of reverb, Kellarissa asks eternal questions disguised as pop songs.Flamingo is Kellarissa's Mint Records debut. We can't reveal the release date quite yet, but, can promise you that the record is a stunning kaleidoscope of Kellarissa's haunting vocals, her prized Candied Yam(aha SK15) synthesizer, bits of coloured glass and other surprises.

Photo credit: Adam PW Smith

April 13, 2008

Always the first to be last to the table, Mint has joined the 21st century and has released our very first digital-only release, a brand-new EP from the Buttless Chaps entitled CBC Radio 3 Sessions. The CBC Radio 3 Sessions is available now exclusively through iTunes and It features old friends, Jesse Zubot (Fond of Tigers, Zubot and Dawson) on violin, and Peggy Lee on cello. The release includes a myriad of the Chaps' favourite songs; "Fresh Horses", "Migratory Birds" and a cover of the Echo and the Bunnymen classic, "The Killing Moon," to name a few.Since their formation in 1998, the Chaps have toured the Canadian and US wilderness extensively and performed with artists such as The Rheostatics, The Handsome Family and The Stars. Their brooding jangly orchestral folk music will make you come to the realization that life, although pointless, is also wonderful.

March 6, 2008

The Minties are preparing to make the annual pilgrimage to SXSW for a whirlwind week of rock 'n' roll and all the beer and BBQ goodness we can handle. If you're heading to Austin too, stop by one of our events and say hi! Our lovely and talented friends, Bella, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, The Pack A.D. and Vancougar shall be joining us to delight the masses.

So mark these dates on your SXSW calendars:

1) The Mint Records SXSW Showcase Fri March 14 @ Club 115 (115 San Jacinto) 1am: Bella 12am: Vancougar 11pm: The Pack AD 10pm: The Choir Practice 9pm: Carolyn Mark *sponsored by Bitch Magazine

2) Mint/Six Shooter Hootenanny Thurs March 13 (2-6pm) @ Headhunters back patio (720 Red River) Free!

2:20 Vancougar (Vancouver)2:40 Jenn Grant (Halifax)3:00 Bella (Vancouver)3:20 Elliott Brood (Toronto)3:40 Choir Practice (Vancouver)4:00 Christine Fellows (Winnipeg)4:20 Pack A.D. (Vancouver)4:40 Luke Doucet (Toronto)5:00 Carolyn Mark (Victoria)5:20 NQ Arbuckle (Toronto)

*sponsored by Bitch Magazine, XM, CBC Radio 3, Pabst Blue Ribbon

3) And you can also catch The Pack A.D. at one of these parties... Canada Blast Party Wed March 12 The Big Top at Brush Square Park (across from the Hilton) The Pack AD to play at 3:40pm Nail Distribution Party Fri March 14 The Side Bar (602 E 7th) The Pack AD to play at 1pm

See you there!!