November 30, 2012

"If you’ve been reading The FADER for a good couple of years, you’d know that there’s been a long-standing soft spot Studio, a now defunct duo that made beach disco perfect for lazing around. If you caught me in the right moment, I would probably tell you it was the best thing to ever exist. Renny Wilson—who probably spends a lot of time listening to yacht rock and old disco—has created a song that sits comfortably up there with Studio’s woefully small catalog. It’s lush and pretty, and more importantly: soft. Not in a bad way, though. It’s more that it feels blurred at the edges, existing in a constant half-sleep state of near bliss. Renny Wilson’s Sugarglider comes out January 22nd on Mint Records." 

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November 8, 2012

We at Mint Records are proud to announce our latest signing, Edmonton Alberta's, Renny Wilson. Now, Renny Wilson is not your typical young man. He's a gentleman. He can sport a Canadian tuxedo like no other. And he is a menacing presence both in the studio and on the dance floor. Soon, Renny will win you over with his dizzy, saxified pop indulgences. Look out for his Mint Records debut, Sugarglider in early 2013. 

To give you a little more insight, Renny once described his musical being as "A film starring Hall & Oates set on a cruise ship with Donna Summer playing the woman of interest. Competition for her love nearly tears them apart, but they soon find out she and her accomplice, played by Paul McCartney, are plotting to sink the ship! Also, Al Green is the ship's resident crooner." We're just going to say that Sugarglider is our go-to party record these days and we're pretty sure you'll agree.

"As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++." -

July 4, 2012

Carolyn Mark is preparing to release her 8th full-length record (9th if you count her album with Neko Case as The Corn Sisters, 10th if you include her compilation soundtrack for Robert Altman's film, "Nashville"). Her new album will be called The Queen of Vancouver Island and released on September 18th, 2012 on her longtime label, Mint Records. Carolyn's last release, Let's Just Stay Here, that she co-wrote with NQ Arbuckle, was nominated for a Juno award and this will be the official follow-up.

The Queen of Vancouver Island was recorded in 4 locations (Hollister, CA, Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver) in 5 sessions during the winter of 2011-12 with the tops in the field, one can't help thinking THIS IS THE ONE!

The Queen Of Vancouver Island - due out on Sept 18th, 2012Preview the first single, "Not Like The Movies" hereTrack Listing:1. Poor Farmers2. The Queen of Vancouver Island3. Baby Goats4. Not Talk5. Best Friend6. Flaming Star7. Nobody('s Perfect) 8. Mellie's Book9. Not Like the Movies10. The Cereal is the Prize11. Old Whores12. You're not a Whore (if no one's paying) "really there's no roots-country chanteuse as engaging as Mark, whose well-intentioned banter is capable of making even the sourest puss at a show crack a smile." - Exclaim!  Carolyn Mark on Tour:15 June - The Branch, Kemptville, ON16 June - Neat Cafe, Burnstown, ON17 June - Montreal Folk Festival, Montreal, QC22 June - Killaloe Curling Club, Killaloe, ON23 June - The Black Sheep, Wakefield, QC24 June - Manhattan's, Guelph, ON27 June - Jane Bond, Waterloo, ON29 June - Cameron House, Toronto, ON5 July - The Rendezvous, Seattle, WA6 July - Siren's, Port Townsend, WA7 July - Shed Fest, Friday Harbor, WA8 July - Pride, Victoria, BC11 July - Pine Family Social Club, Victoria, BC12 July - Raw Canvas, Vancouver, BC13 July - Hope Bay Studio, Pender Island, BC14 July - The Roxy, Gabriola Island, BC27 July - Blackjack's, Nisku, AB28 July - Blackjack's, Nisky, AB29 July - Sasquatch Fest, Evansburg, AB3 August - Kumsheen River Rafting, Kumsheen, BC4 August - Johnson Fest, Cumberland, BC4 August - The Packing House, Spences Bridge, BC9 August - The Abeline, Rochester, NY11 August - Marty's, Buffalo, NY12 August - Bait and Tackle, Brooklyn, NY13 August - The Ear Inn, New York, NY14 August - The Rodeo Bar, New York, NY16 August - The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, ON17 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON18 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON19 August - Fred Eaglesmith Picnic, Aylmer, ON20 August - Moonshine Tavern, Oakville, ON22 August - Terra Nova, Creemore, ON

May 29, 2012

Road trip season is here. That means it is almost time for Calgary's finest music festival, Sled Island! We're loading up the van and arriving with fresh trucker's tans, hand-held fans and a handful of our favourite bands. 

This year, the Mint Records day party will take place at The Ship and Anchor. It's on Friday, so you should take the afternoon off, order an icy beverage and enjoy the cool summer sounds of: 

The Ramblin' Ambassadors 
Nardwuar and The Evaporators with special guest ANDREW WK


and friends: 

White Poppy 


Friday, June 22nd @ The Ship and Anchor (534 17th Ave SW)




Feel free to RSVP here.

And see you there!

April 13, 2012

Continuing their legacy of eclectic lo-fi indie pop albums for Mint, Hot Panda's Go Outside will be out on July 17th. Once again recorded by the famed JC/DC team of David Carswell and John Collins (The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara), the album is just as vibrant as their first two albums, yet significantly more developed.

You can listen to "Future Markets" here. 

"This song has that sort of restrained, through the teeth aggression that is felt mere moments before the brick goes through the window or the bowl of noodles hits the wall behind your girlfriend's head." - Vice

Track Listing:

1. One In The Head, One In The Chest

2. Language

3. Future Markets

4. Littered Coins

5. Maybe Now?

6. Holidays

7. Winter Song

8. Go Outside

9. See You All Around

10. Boats

Tour Dates: 

April 13 - Seattle - Comet Tavern

April 19 - Portland - Doug Fir

April 30 - Swamp - Freiburg, Germany

May 1 - Viadukt, Zürich, Switzerland

May 2 - Viadukt, Zürich, Switzerland

May 4 - La Parenthese, Nylon, Switzerland

May 5 - Kranhalle, Munchen, Germany

May 7 - Cafe Video, Gent, Belgium

May 8 - L'International, Paris, France

May 10 - The Great Escape, Brighton, UK


March 7, 2012

Once again, we're packing our sunglasses, dusting off the sunscreen and heading to Austin for SXSW. We're planning a party too. And you should probably be there. This is the plan: Mint Records, Olio Festival and Light Organ Records present: A FREE SXSW DAY PARTY!!! Thursday, March 15th at Headhunters (720 Red River St) FEATURING: 2:00 - DJ MY!GAY!HUSBAND 2:15 - SUN WIZARD (Light Organ) 2:50 - KELLARISSA (Mint) 3:25 - MODE MODERNE (Light Organ) 4:00 - NARDWUAR & THE EVAPORATORS with ANDREW W.K. (Mint) 5:00 - SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT ALSO FEATURING: FREE TACOS (come early!) Photos by THE COBRASNAKE and A GYPSY MARKET SIDEWALK SALE (that's right, there will be vintage clothing galore!). THANK YOU: Exclaim! Magazine, CBC Radio 3, The Georgia Straight, Color Magazine, The Cobrasnake   Need more up to the minute party news? There's a Facebook event here. You can also follow us on Twitter

January 20, 2012

Longtime Mint recording artists, The Ramblin' Ambassadors are ready to unleash their third full length album, Ramble On. Only 500 copies will be pressed on shiny 180g vinyl and available on March 6th, 2012. If your turntable is still broken, not to worry, it will also be available digitally. 

fun fact: Guitar wizard, Brent Cooper, of The Ramblin' Ambassadors made his first Mint Records appearance back in 1995 on a Huevos Rancheros 7" called Dig In. That means he's been putting out records on Mint for over 15 years!

"The Ramblin' Ambassadors have all the shimmery, vintage sounds (the songs are laced in tremolo), but they still have the dusty textures and feedback you'd expect to come from heavy bearded, plaid shirt wearing, tattooed hombres." -


SIDE A: Standoff at Calf Robe Bridge Clambake! Back Seat Action The Savage Tyger Beat

SIDE B: Pine Beetle Express Meat Sweats Super Bee Dallas B. Goode Super Lungbucket

Album release party: Friday, March 23rd @ Dicken's, Calgary, AB.



December 12, 2011

Brace yourselves, the man in plaid is busy and preparing to unveil his latest project. This time, Nardwuar and The Evapotators have invited their friends, Franz Ferdinand, Andrew WK, Kate Nash, Sage Francis, The Cribs and Faud and The Feztones AND MORE to join them on their upcoming white-splattered LP titled Busy Doing Nothing. It will be in record shops on March 6th and comes with a free 2012/2013/2014 Punk Rock Calendar filled with vintage punk rock images from Vancouver's iconic Bev Davies. Oh boy! 

Nardwuar has posted more information on his creation here

Tracklisting:***Side Nard***1. The Evaporators & Andrew W.K. "I Hate Being Late When I'm Early" (The Evaporators/Andrew W.K.)– This is an original song, a  collaboration between Andrew W.K. and Nardwuar's band, The Evaporators.2. The Cribs "Death In The Family" (The Dishrags)– The Cribs are from Wakefield, England and cover Vancouver All Girl 1970s Punk Band The Dishrags.3. Kate Nash "My Chinchilla" (Cub)– Kate Nash is from London and covers Cub, a Vancouver 1990s All Girl "Cuddlecore" band and the signature act on Mint Records.4. Franz Ferdinand "Real Thing" (Pointed Sticks)– Franz Ferdinand are from Glasgow and cover Legendary Vancouver 1970s Punk Band, the Pointed Sticks!5. Fuad & The Feztones "Welcome To My Castle" (The Evaporators)– This is Bobby and John from Montreal's legendary The Gruesomes. They (as Fuad & The Feztones) are covering (Nardwuar’s band) The Evaporators’ first single from 1992.6. The Evaporators ft. Sage Francis/Xaul Zan & Megan Barnes "Hot Dog High" (The Evaporators/Sage Francis/Xaul Zan)– Sage Francis raps on a verse for this Evaporators Original. Sage Francis runs Strange Famous Records and has released records thru ANTI-.***Side Wuar***1. The Evaporators "Busy Doing Nothing" (The Evaporators)– An Evaporators original and the title track.2. The Evaporators ft. Jill Barber & Andrew W.K. "Bring it On Home" (Doug Rutledge)– This is a cover tune by Doug Rutledge, a 1970s Rockabilly/Truckdriver. Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Barber duets with Nardwuar on this track. Andrew W.K. also adds piano and organ.3. The Evaporators "Milkshake Murder" (The Evaporators)– This is an Evaporators Original.4. The Evaporators "Bunk" (The Evaporators)– This is an Evaporators Original.5. The Evaporators "Pig War" (The Evaporators)– This is an Evaporators Original.6. The Evaporators "All The Bad Girls" (Pointed Sticks )– This is a  Cover of Legendary Vancouver 1970's Punk Band, the Pointed Sticks.7. *Interview* "Nardwuar vs. Franz Ferdinand"– This is a clip from the first interview Nardwuar ever did with Franz Ferdinand.


November 9, 2011

Oh boy! To celebrate 20 years of Mint Records, for the entire month of November, our entire catalogue is on sale. Visit for 20% off your next mailorder, for cheap digital downloads, or your favourite local record shop to get your Mint fix. Not bad!

November 6, 2011

Holy smokes! We've passed the test and are gearing up to celebrate 20 years of Mint Records. Now, this isn't our typical Ridiculously Early Xmas event. This time, we've summoned 13 bands (many which are re-uniting to play for the first time in years!) and will be taking over two rooms at the glorious Waldorf Hotel. Come out! Come out! Featuring: - cub tour videos - Miss Marr (of cub) & Friends - The Evaporators - Fanshaw - The Gay - Hot Panda - Kellarissa - Maow* - Operation Makeout - Pluto - Vancougar - Volumizer with friends: - The Maxines (K Records) - My Friend Wallis AND MORE!

November 25th @ The Waldorf Hotel (1489 E Hastings) 

Tickets: $12 in advance/$15 at the door Doors: 8pm (come early for prizes) The first 50 people to arrive will receive gifts from the good people at: Pocky, Red Cat Records, Zulu Records, Six Cent Press and Black Dog Video. Partial proceeds go to support Vancouver's Safe Amplification Society. We'd also like to thank our sponsors, CBC Radio 3, CiTR 101.9FM, Exclaim! and Scion. Maybe they'll donate some prizes too. Advance tickets are available from: Red Cat Records, Zulu Records, The Waldorf's front desk and online through

*Maow will feature original members, Corrina Hammond and Tobey Black, with guest drummer Lisa G.