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Party Girl

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In early 1999, Carolyn Mark embarked on what would become a year-long recording project. Carolyn's musical travels took her from Victoria to Vancouver to Edmonton to Toronto to Montreal to Ottawa to Regina to Calgary to Edmonton -- the goal being to record a song in each city. Now, with the final chapter added -- Carolyn's "recording by mail" song with Tara and Rick White -- we have Party Girl, eleven songs fully grounded in the time and place of their creation. Involving primarily Carolyn, usually together with her "Room-mates" Tolan McNeil and Garth Johnson, but also including accompaniment by such folk as Ray Condo, Ford Pier, Greg Keelor, Dave Lang, Paul Pigat, Oh Susanna, and others -- Party Girl is Carolyn's cross-Canada musical Polaroid collection.

Carolyn Mark doesn't hold back on the boogie of old-time country music. With her guitar and a notebook full of lyrical heartache, the astounding results of Party Girl is a fine documentation on the roots of country. [...] The added lo-fi touch of basement recordings only contributes to the sincerity that gives Party Girl its rugged, open appeal. - All Music Guide

Track List: 
Don't Come Over Baby
In A Valley
Not Another Woman
Both Ways
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
The Way Back
Hazy Memory
Small Victory