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Dirty Queers Don't Come Cheap

5.99 CAD

This release is available on 7".

Two songs each from the pride of San Francisco, and the pride of Vancouver, BC! Pansy Division are American pop-punk legends, having been around since before the Green Day-on-Lookout years. With seven albums under their belts including Pileup, Undressed, and Wish I’d Taken Pictures (which was a Mint/Lookout co-release), Pansy Division have been perhaps the most successful and most visible queer-friendly banner bearers in punk rock circles. And now they are, to some degree, not so much passing on that torch but rather lighting another one, to a rising Canadian band, the Skinjobs.

With Kim Kinakin from famed Vancouver hardcore band Sparkmarker on guitar and lead vocals, and ex-Queasy member Laura on drums, and Mimi on bass, the Skinjobs draw on both the hardcore of Sparkmarker and the pop-punkiness of Pansy Division to create their own brand of queercore, as shown by the Skinjobs’ debut album on Bongo Beat/Agitpop/Spitshine


Track List: 
Pansy Division - Your Loss
Pansy Division - I Know Your Type
Skinjobs - Weird
Skinjobs - Recruiting (death disco mix)