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Twin Cinema

"Natalie Portman was wrong; when it comes to retro-pop indie bands, it's actually the New Pornographers, not the Shins, who will change your life. [a] fierce, psychedelic carnival-ride of a single..." – Rolling Stone

Armed with the songwriting genius, Carl "AC" Newman, as their leader, the New Pornographers roar back to take summer with Twin Cinema, their third chapter of 100% pop brilliance. As was the case with the first two New Pornographers records, Mass Romantic and Electric Version, AC Newman's unique enigmatic sustain is backed with the irresistible charm and raw lung power of quite frankly the best female singer in North America: Neko Case. AC's other ace has also returned for more: "secret member" (Destroyer) Dan Bejar weighs in with three wry slices of acerbic pop. Also back are drummer/studio whiz Kurt Dahle, keyboardist/film director Blaine Thurier, keyboardist/guitarist Todd Fancey, and bassist/NPs production wizard John "JC/DC" Collins. New to the fold is AC's latest vocal discovery, his long-lost niece Kathryn Calder (member of Immaculate Machine).

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