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Jay Arner

Hi, this is Jay, it's 2013 and this is my artist statement.

I have music playing in my brain all the time. Sometimes something catches my attention and I do my best to follow the melody along and turn it into a song. I can't say what it sounds like to other people, but to me my music sounds like the inside of my head. Claustrophobic but cavernous, no easy resolutions, confabulated music history.

I'm a naturally shy person; I've always submerged my identity in the idea of a band. But I also recognize the value of making myself uncomfortable (personal growth), so I'm shedding the pretense of being anything but myself. I wrote, recorded, and performed all of my first record. The cover is a giant fucking photo of my face and the album is called Jay Arner.  



Upcoming Shows

Tuesday July 29, 2014
Callahan's - St John, New Brunswick, Canada
Wednesday July 30, 2014
The Capital - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Thursday July 31, 2014
Gus' Pub - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Friday August 1, 2014
TBA - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
Saturday August 2, 2014
TBA - Sackville, NS, Canada
Monday August 4, 2014
Baba's Lounge - Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Thursday August 7, 2014
Brasserie Beaubien - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Friday August 8, 2014
Pressed Cafe - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Saturday August 9, 2014
The Cavern - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunday August 10, 2014
Townehouse Tavern - Sudbury, ON, Canada
Wednesday August 13, 2014
Vangelis - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Thursday August 14, 2014
Wunderbar - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Friday August 15, 2014
Tubby Dog - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Saturday August 16, 2014
Pat's Pub - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada